BREAKING: Shima returns to Dream Catalogue as GM, announces new CANVAS WEEKLY Podcast

The ink has dried on the paper. It's official. As of last night, eighteen months since his previous stint in the job, Shima is back as the official general manager of Dream Catalogue.

It comes after a period where the beloved GM took a long break from the label. First, to launch his own print magazine (EVOLVE Magazine), which made a huge impact on the underground music world at the time. Following on from his stint at EVOLVE, he very briefly returned as an interim part-time assistant at Dream Catalogue, before going on to work for a number of other UK companies as a media guru.

"I feel like Scott Hall walking into ECW ... ready to drop some new fire into this never-ending phoenix that is Dream Catalogue." - Shima

Under his previous time as the general manager, Shima managed to help turn Dream Catalogue round and help give the brand a rigid identity, launching new product lines such as 'This Is Dreampunk', DREAMMIX and the singles collections that have been well missed, as well as many other bold ideas. 

Pictured: Shima out on a walk through Bradford, listening to demos

Along with his grand return to the label, Shima's first port of call has been to reinstate the sorely missed CANVAS Podcast, with a new weekly episodic format. The podcast is due to feature the classic duo of Shima and Lucid, as they give their thoughts and philosophical analysis on dreampunk, the music scene and all manner of other things each week, with special guest interviews, new song debuts and even more to be announced.

On his return, Shima has added: "I feel like Scott Hall walking into ECW. Focused, sharp, ready to drop some new fire into this never-ending phoenix that is Dream Catalogue. DREAM's been my home for over a decade, and I'm happy to get my hands dirty and renovate wherever I need to. Let's fuckin' go, boys. Feels like we're back."

While Shima will assume role of GM, handling our release schedule, organisation, products and general direction, Lucid will stay on as director of the label and brand, assisting with his unique creative oversight.

As we approach the ten year anniversary of Dream Catalogue coming up next year, we are hyped to see what Shima can pull off as GM this time around. Stay tuned!

To celebrate the big announcement, we are running a limited time special on the store, where you can grab Shima's very own classic 'Museum' on 12" vinyl at half-price for only £10. The sale will last only 48 hours.