Birth of a New Day (新しい日の誕生)

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‘Birth Of A New Day’ was the second album of collaborative duo HKE and Telepath, working under the name 2814. A follow up to a relatively minor hit at the time – the self-titled debut ‘2814’ – ‘Birth Of A New Day’ ended up becoming a radiant realisation of the original project’s intention, as both artists expertly mixed and matched ambient palettes and styles to create the vague and distant neon utopia; a sense of romantic melancholy and longing, peppered by the suggestive sounds of the world the music inhabited. An album that shaped an era, ‘Birth Of A New Day’ was quite literal in a prescient manner, as it shook the foundations of the underground and catalysed the ‘dreampunk’ movement coming out of the post-vaporwave era – helping define the aesthetic of Dream Catalogue as a record label in the process.

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