Mutilomaquia - 'No matter how wet with tears...' [Cassette]

One of the breakout stars of 2020, Mutilomaquia finished his year with a massive drop on Dream Catalogue that saw the Mexican dreampunk artist win much acclaim from new fans. 'No matter how wet with tears...', was a showcase of this upcoming artist's talent for intricate textural sound design and progressive songcraft. A distinct aesthetic that takes us right to the edge of uneasiness, anxiety and horror, balanced with comforting ambient bliss. Mutilomaquia will be a must-watch name for the future of the dreampunk movement.

  • Limited edition cassette with open pre-orders for one month
  • Hard cap on copies will be placed at end of the month
  • LED-printed original design
  • Double sided colour J card
  • Clear protective seal