w u s o 命 - 'Painted With Voices' [Cassette]

One of the premier talents that helped shape the dreampunk movement into what it is today, Canadian artist w u s o 命 capped off his time at Dream Catalogue with the huge 'Painted With Voices'. A narrative-driven thriller designed for introspective headphone listening, but one that works equally as impressively blaring out on top quality sound system, 'Painted...' is a massive production full of thumping cinematic percussion and progressive, melodic songcraft.

  • Limited edition cassette with open pre-orders for one month
  • Hard cap on copies will be placed at end of the month
  • LED-printed original design
  • Double sided colour J card
  • Clear protective seal

This item is a pre-order and its estimated time of dispatch is the end of April. Please note, any items grouped in an order with this item will be delivered together when the pre-order becomes available for delivery. For more information, refer to Order FAQ's.