'Charming Devil' [12" Vinyl]

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A daring split from his legacy as a beacon of electronic experimentation – whose atypicality has become a sort of typicality itself – HKE on 'Charming Devil' works through the shadow inherent within the psyche as he understands it: through music. The artist's voice makes its first ever appearance here, in an unstated, casual-manner - the first betrayal of the mystery of persona he cultivated in years past – it is present, it is wounded, it is mantra-like. Cleverly melodic and swooning in a sea of antipathy, a bringing together of slow and breakneck, of disinterest and baleful attention, 'Charming Devil' is the artist at his most introspective.

  • 180g Heavyweight 12" Vinyl
  • Housed in full colour art sleeve
  • Brand new, protected with clear tamper proof seal
  • Available in red/black marble
  • Limited edition of 500