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A prodigy of internet music, Cacola is an artist who grew up listening to the output on Dream Catalogue. After 10 years of her own output, she finally arrives on Dream, after making a name for herself in the wider internet music culture, releasing multiple acclaimed albums on Dismiss Yourself, famously with a 'mash-up' style that expertly blends styles of music that would otherwise seem impossible.

It's important to note the Dream Catalogue influence here directly, as this album takes ideas and themes from some classic Sandtimer drops for its inspiration, even making use of a monologue by the Sandtimer character himself that recalls 2015's 'Vaporwave Is Dead'. There are hints of influence from the likes of Chesumasuta, Death's Dynamic Shroud, HKE and more, but overall Cacola stands alone with her own distinct style that always tends to subvert expectation, constantly throwing you off course in such a way that is never so unnecessarily jarring, but charming.

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