Dr. Nakano

Music For The Insectoid Era

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After a flurry of single releases over the past two years, the good doctor returns to Dream Catalogue with his third record, 'Music For The Insectoid Era'. The long awaited follow up to 2020's 'Snow In Tokyo', this album trades in some of the dreamy introspection of his previous output for a blistering reflection on the global meltdown of current times, with plenty of raw punk guitar jams like 'Paste' and 'Byzantium' - though fans of the artist's progressive style will be still pleased to hear such elements throughout, such as in the majestic 'My Only'. Various influences ranging from The Fall and This Heat all the way to Tool and Pink Floyd are all apparent, blending together in Nakano's signature cyberprog style, forming what may be his best record to date.


YEAR: 2023