Kagami Smile

Deluge Of Reflection

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The first drop of 'A Dreampunk Trio', dreampunk veteran Kagami Smile returns to Dream Catalogue for the first time in years for a massive 90-minute journey of blitzed out ambient dreamscaping -- 'Deluge Of Reflection' -- a rich tapestry of synth sounds, that shifts between hypnotic sequences and sharp, unexpected jolts. Kagami's mastery over his sound that he has developed over years of pursuing particular textures and tones in his work is evident throughout, weaving between serenity and harsher soundscapes. The album is a testament to Kagami Smile's prowess, reaffirming his place as a stalwart in the scene. A must-listen for both Kagami Smile fans and those dipping their toes in for the first time.

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Genre: Dreampunk
Year: 2023