'Googleplex Bionetwork' [12" Vinyl]

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Conceptually inspired by the likes of James Ferraro, and with his own critical eye set on capitalist corruption and the consequences of technological invasion on the natural world, Pyravid was only a young teenager upon the completion of ‘Googleplex Bionetwork’ - but with the innate talent for songcraft that is clearly on display here, you would be forgiven for thinking he had been around collecting vintage hardware and tweaking synths for decades. 'Googleplex Bionetwork' became an early essential of Dream Catalogue, winning acclaim as a stand-out and is held in high regard to this day, an early example of a truly prodigious talent from the north of England who would later come to be known as Somnus and Coldboy.
  • 180g Heavyweight 12" Vinyl
  • Housed in full colour art sleeve
  • Brand new, protected with clear tamper proof seal
  • Available in black
  • Limited edition of 300