t e l e p a t h

'A' [12" Vinyl]

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The first ever 12″ vinyl publication of t e l e p a t h on vinyl, this short but masterful record contains some of the artist’s best ever work in electronic ambient production, with ‘Dream Girl’ and ‘Enchanting Mist’ both drenching you in steamy pads from another world, and the monumental ‘Breathe’ showing the likes of Autechre how auto-generated controlled voltage music is done by the new generation. Final track ‘Lover’s Gaze’ was a very early glimpse into the new age synth style he would carry on into the later part of the 2010’s, with the Virtual Dream Plaza record label.
  • 180g Heavyweight 12" Vinyl
  • Housed in full colour art sleeve
  • Brand new, protected with clear tamper proof seal
  • Available in white
  • Limited edition of 1000