The Microgram


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The latest from The Microgram, 'Forestry', our second instalment as part of the 'Dreampunk Trio', sees the UK artist at his best. Capturing the ongoing dance between our cyberpunk age tech-driven existence and the ancient grounding embrace of nature that pervades at the edges of the modern world, 'Forestry' skilfully curates a quest to find mental solace in the tranquility away from city life, through meditative music that doesn't just help focus inwardly, but also urges to step forward into the world itself in its emotional calling. His adept manipulation of computerised synth-driven elements full of lush sounds and brief, intricate melodic moments that seem to come as though with the wind before falling away, despite its electronic basis, gives the feel of something organic and warm. While the artist may not yet be as well known as Kagami Smile or Sangam, who he releases alongside here, still a quiet and clearly veteran expertise shines through in this well-refined album that ultimately proves why he should be considered one of the top artists operating in the Dreampunk scene today and so is cast well alongside such names here.

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YEAR: 2023