'End Of World Rave' [12" Vinyl]

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The original hardvapour effort, Dream Catalogue owner HKE accurately predicted, to much derision and laughter at the time, that this album would be like a ‘nuclear bomb’ going off on the vaporwave scene at the end of 2015. Indeed, he was proven to be a prognosticator with his assessment, as what followed shortly after was a schism in the scene between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ forms of vapor. Though hardvapour didn’t last too long in its own lifespan, its influence has been felt in terms of style and attitude across the broader musical landscape ever since, making WosX's ‘End Of World Rave’ a significant album that perfectly encapsulated the dreamlike chaos and wonder felt by all in the mid-2010’s.
  • 180g Heavyweight 12" Vinyl
  • Housed in full colour art sleeve
  • Brand new, protected with clear tamper proof seal
  • Available in yellow
  • Limited edition of 500